KeyForge Token Set

$16.25 - $36.50
  • KeyForge Token Set
  • KeyForge Token Set
  • KeyForge Token Set
  • KeyForge Token Set
  • KeyForge Token Set

Upgrade your KeyForge token set with these acrylic markers! We're developing this set in conjunction with competitive players and tournament play, so you can count on it being functional!

• organizing storage container with removable dividers!
• Enraged and Warded tokens introduced in Worlds Collide!

Each piece is laser-cut from durable, lightweight acrylic, which is not prone to damage by wear-and-tear or water. The transparent acrylic pieces allow you to use either side so you never have to find the top side. The keys are very reflective and eye-catching, owing to the mirrored acrylic. They have a distinct back and front to indicate unforged and forged.

====== SET OPTIONS ======
Basic Set = The minimum of tokens & counters that are needed to play!
• ]3pc Keys
• 18pc Æmber
• 15pc 1 Damage
• 5pc 3 Damage
• 5pc 5 Damage
• 5pc +1 Power
• 5pc +1 Shield
• 5pc Stunned
• 5pc Enraged
• 5pc Warded
• 6pc "1" Chain

Enhanced Set = Abundance of pieces so you can play without worrying whether you have enough tokens!
• 3pc Keys
• 24pc Æmber
• 30pc 1 Damage
• 10pc 3 Damage
• 10pc 5 Damage
• 10pc +1 Power
• 10pc +1 Shield
• 10pc Stunned
• 10pc Enraged
• 10pc Warded
• 6pc "1" Chain
• 2pc "6" Chain

====== DIMENSIONS ======
Keys are 2" x 2", 3/16" thick
Æmber are 0.7" x 0.5", 1/8" thick
Most other pieces are 0.7"~1.0" across

====== SHIPPING ======
It will take 3-7 business days to process your order. It will be sent in a bubble mailer, typically USPS First Class mail. You may upgrade to faster shipping (Priority, Priority Express).
This item will ship internationally at a higher cost.

===== OTHER =====
Quantity discounts available, please start a Conversation!